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Cancer is insidious.  It can live in the body for ten or more years before it is detected on a medical test.  Once it is detected, the conventional medical route is fraught with poisonous protocols with very little hope for survival.  In fact, most of the time, the protocols are actually worse than the disease.


Skin Cancer growth removal without poisonous protocols

Fortunately, holistic practices have alternatives that will go to the root of cancer, without any of the horrible side effects.  To the left and below are some photographs of actual clients who have been brave enough to try something outside the box.    In one case, the client had complied with her doctor, and had two growths removed medically at a significant cost.  When she tried the natural alternative, she has spent less than $100.00 on herbs, but has had over five growth removed.  She is still using our protocol, and the cancer is being rejected by her body.

We have another client who has been diagnosed by his physician with prostate cancer.  His PSA was over 60 when he started our protocol.  To date, his PSA is now 20, and we expect that within a few months he will have a normal test outcome.   His doctors are amazed.  They did not expect this result.


You too have hope.  If you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, there are alternatives.  We are here to serve you. Your health and recovery is our primary concern.  Take a leap of faith…you have nothing to lose.


Look at the progression of yet another skin cancer on the same client:

Application of Skin Cancer Treatment

Here are some excerpts from the movie,

'One Answer to Cancer.'

The following are photos taken of basal cell carcinoma.

Day 3 and Day 6:

Day 8 and Day 10:

Basal Cell Carcinmoa Scab Healing
Cure for Basal Cell Skin Cancer Naturopathic Alternative

Day 12 and Day 17:

Day 25 and scabs:

Another confirmed Melanoma case and the results after using a natural alternative to chemo and radiation. Click on each image to enlarge it.

Natural Alternative to Chemo and Radiation for Melanoma Skin Cancer
Natural Cure for Skin Cancer
Melanoma chemo radiation

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