After dealing with ongoing diarrhea for more than three months, I had a colonoscopy, which determined that I had collagenous colitis. I was told by the doctor that there was no cure for it,and he suggested putting me on steroids, which I was definitely not in favor of. My husband researched this problem, and we found that people live with it for years, with no relief. I was acquainted with Dr. Polly Heil-Mealey, having heard her speak several times at different ladies' meetings. I called her office one day just to ask if there might be anything she could do for me. She immediately recommended a series of supplements, beginning with detox and then onto other supplements, etc. I stayed with the program and, although it did not happen overnight, I am completely cured. It was well worth every penny I spent.



I have been a client of Dr. Polly since 2009. I went to my medical doctor in the spring of 2012, and I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my forehead in the summer of 2012. My doctor suggested (after a biopsy confirmed cancer) that I go to see an oncologist. I decided to see what I could do naturally. I went to see Dr. Polly, and she recommended an herbal preparation for the cancer. I applied it to the spot, waited 24 hours, cleaned it, put Vaseline on it and covered it with a bandage for approximately four days. I changed the bandage every day. After about 21 days, the spot healed up. One week into treatment, I also saw a dermatologist. He looked at it, and said to see him in six months. I just had my six month appointment. My doctor is so pleased with my natural healing that he has invited me to attend a conference to show other dermatologists/med students the results of treating cancer with natural substances.





I just wanted to tell you that I haven't touched milk since I left, outside of some cheese here and there! My arthritis isn't bothering me!!! It is wild. I was totally skeptical on the milk thing! TWICE we ate Braums on the road on cheer nights and I had a shake, and BOTH times, my back was killing me the next day! I am doing the... detox now-maybe day 10 or so. The Natural Calm and Skunk Cabbage are a godsend, though I haven't taken the other supplements I bought yet! I am feeling better, for sure the SC helps me when I start melting down, and the NC helps me get some sleep! It's a good start!


Thank you!



My son is 11 years old.  Since he was about 3 years old he has always had some type of nervous habit or tick.  For the past 4 years it has been the blinking of his eyes.  He would tell me that it was an action that he was unaware of.  He would complain of feeling sore around his temple area of his eyes.  It was because he was blinking at a rate that was not normal. Once we saw Dr. Polly, my son was encouraged to start making healthier food decisions.  He understood that this would help his condition.  Dr. Polly also put him on some natural herbs and vitamins.  The results were with in a week.  I was amazed. Thank you so much Dr. Polly.  My son is feeling better overall and his blinking is almost gone.




Dr. Polly made me lose my pillow!


I have slept on three pillows every night for the past 10+ years because of chronic reflux (GERD).  One night last week it dawned on me, I don't need all these pillows anymore because I haven't had reflux in weeks!  So I threw one of the pillows on the floor and am only using two pillows now.  So, thank you Dr. Polly for making me lose my pillow! Since following the FFP/Liver cleanse program, I have had NO acid reflux! My family even admits that in itself is a miracle!


Pat L.


Dr. Polly,


I want to thank you for your guidance and continued support! I was a little skeptical at first. I had never used Herbs and Minerals as a means of improving my health. I thought they were just a maintenance thing, and then only vitamins. Since I have been in consultations with you and using the Herbs and supplements you suggest, I have felt better. In the past, I have been plagued with seasonal issues of allergies and sinus issues. Now, my allergies have all but gone away, no more itchy, watery, red eyes! I haven't had a bout with sinuses in over a year and a half! Usually during Spring and Fall, I am down ill with it and have to go and get a shot! The herbs you recently recommended for the tendons have helped dramatically. I can tell when I have missed a dose. Again, thank you so much for your gift of caring. It is wonderful to know that God has supplied natural things to work to make our lives better, and we do not need to run to a traditional doctor for shots, medications, etc. Also, it's wonderful that you pray at the end of our sessions.


It's so appreciated!

Gary L. Cathey     <><


Dr. Polly has been my mentor for over a year now and everyone is amazed at my progress.  I have been going through chemo for 8 ½ years now. Dr. Polly has been helping me with my nutritional and cell program and I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for her.  She is my inspiration and is always checking on me to see how the program is going and is with me all along the way.  If I have any questions, she is available to answer them.  I love her always being available to pray for me when I am having a bad day.  Chemo is bad enough but I can go through it when I know that Dr. Polly is there going through it with me.  I love this lady.


M. Hall


Hello Dr. Polly,


This is my 6th day and results have been as follows:


Start weight on Saturday Morning: 170

Sunday Morning: 168.8

Monday Morning: 167.4

One hour pilates, one hour aerobics felt good in morning but super tired later this day.

Tuesday Morning: 166.4.  I was feeling tired and jumpy, just sort of yucky, hard to explain 45 min walk/jog.

Wednesday Morning: 166.0. After working out I was tired and jumpy....I did not stick to the diet exactly, sorry. I felt like I could not do this anymore and thought I should just stop.  But then I talked myself into calming down.

Wednesday Night: 165.3.  I could not believe it, plus I did walk in the evening.

Thursday Morning: 162.4.  WOW, I was so excited I tried on pants that have not fit in over a year! I still feel tired so I am not going to work out today, I will continue tomorrow.

I did not measure everyday so today I did.

Chest 40 to 37

Waist 34 to 32

Stomach 35.5 to 32

Hips 41 to 39

Thigh 23 to 22

Calf 14-13 this one was really a surprise.

Total of 12.5 inches lost.

My start weight was 176, so 13.6 lbs lost.  I am very happy.


Thanks so much,



When I first went to see Dr. Polly I was anxious, over-weight and sported a huge bag full of supplements. It turned out only about 4 of the ones I was taking (mostly herbal) tested to be working for me. Even one product I had used for years and had so much faith in. I did not realize how I had set up Singular and the other fruit/veg product up as an idol. Funny how we shift from trusting in the Lord to trusting in other things. Some are even good, but God is a jealous God. I had been on Singular for many years. I took two every afternoon at 4 pm, religiously.


The first week of removing the Singular went well and I was on top of the world that I actually was able to get off of it and other medications. Then the healing crisis. I felt really bad one evening, wheezing and having difficulty getting my breath. Did not know what brought this wheezing on. Was disappointed I had to take two steps back. When I contacted Dr. Polly she told me do what you need to, but you will have to re-visit this issue. I had to apprehend fear in order to step into freedom and be willing to have my lungs healed instead of suppressing asthma. Funny how often we settle for less than God's best, isn't it?


I was able to find  ALJ, a respiratory support product which seemed to help me transition in just two days totally off the Singular again. When tested with this product there was a very strong reaction that this was one I would do well on. Many hidden and buried woundings, judgments and unforgivenesses of the past were unearthed and a letting go, forgiveness work and surrender to the Lord in these areas has caused me to be able to breathe easy once again.


Through a friend's insightful comments, I was able to see it was the stress and toxic emotions which caused me to flare back up with the asthma symptoms. During this time there was a tremendous laying aside of weights and the sin that so easily beset me. Waking up, getting up and giving it up to God has been what put me on a good path and one that is peace for me.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to have body, mind and spirit coming into balance through Dr. Polly's ministry. I do sense God gave me this time and her direction so that I can know healing in all areas. It is a process and I am committed to choosing life. Most of the time now the struggle has given way to acceptance, being teachable and a willingness to listen. It is a choice to change and be open to new things. As I trust the Lord, He is bringing me into the promised land. Thanks Dr. Polly, for being my "Moses."


I have happily lost 58 pounds and I know so much of this is due to being able to get the bowel functioning properly and the digestion improved. I owe many thanks to Dr. Polly for correcting these issues so I could reduce. We must decrease and He must increase!!!


Judy Davis R.N.

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