I'll have an order of Maggots, please……

Maggots for healing.    Yes, it is true. This story reminds me of Humphrey Bogart in the movie African Queen. You may remember that he jumped in the river, and was soon covered in leaches. You may remember other period movies in which the actors would use them to ‘bleed’ themselves.

The maggots will heal diabetic sores that other methods will not. There are various strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria that will not respond to the ‘standard of care’ antibiotics. When these sores do not heal, often the limb has to be amputated.

This method has a ‘yuck’ factor, but it does work. The treatment runs about $100.00 for a two-day supply. Results are often seen in as little as ten days. Traditional treatments can cost between $7.000.00 to $10,000.00, with amputation costing $65,000.00

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