Do people actually think these days???

Warning…. A rant is coming


We are a small holistic clinic.  We are growing, and we need additional personnel.   I posted the position in social media, with the expressed instructions to email a resume to the office.

Of the 63 applicants who responded, only 6 followed the instruction to email the resume.  I find this incredible.    Applicants, if you cannot follow directions on a social media site, you will not have the opportunity to interview for the position.

Secondly, I was notified by Facebook that one of my pages has been put on ‘restricted status’ because I was posting misinformation concerning vaccines.   I do post on vaccines, but my sources are typically the CDC, WHO, and NPR.   One would consider these sources viable even if they contain information that is not in line with conventional wisdom.

I think the common thread to these two incidents is the lack of critical thinking skills.   I used to be a teacher, and then a high school principal.  I found that the students would always look for the discussion question answers in the BOLD PRINT of the text or they would look for the underlined italicized  portions of the text for a quick answer.   I was appalled at the lack of reasoning skills.  Sometimes you have to think for yourself.   Sometimes you have to look at the information and decide if it is worth the effort of compliance (job needed) or if the source article is credible.

In the first example, please people just follow the instructions if you are looking for a job.   In the second example, if you don’t like what is being said. Ignore it.  If it sounds like it is misinformation, look at the source.   None of us knows everything, but we all can become smarter….   Please use your critical thinking skills….

Until next time,

Dr. Polly



  • Meredith says:

    On Facebook it says “apply now.” People are just following the Facebook directions.

  • Kari Schneider says:

    Love your rant! My husband always says the same thing! The lost art of critical thinking!