99% of Americans are affected by the twelve worst endocrine disruptors.

99% looks very inclusive.  Maybe I am affected? What is an endocrine disruptor?  First of all, the endocrine system is comprised of every organ in your body that produces a hormone.  Here is the list:

1.      Hypothalamus

2.      Pituitary

3.      Pineal glad

4.      Thyroid

5.      Parathyroid

6.      Thymus

7.      Pancreas

8.      Adrenals

9.      Ovaries

10.  Testes


Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that damage the hormone cascade, and can have a serious impact on your health.    Here are the twelve worst offenders, and how you can protect yourself.


Chemical/damage to body

Where it is

How to avoid

BPA:  Linked to breast, prostate, and other hormone cancers.

Plastic food and water containers, water supply lines,

Dental office

Look for BPA free labels, use glass or metal containers, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, never canned.

Atrazine: linked to breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancer.  Been banned in Europe since 2004

Corn, sorghum, sugarcane, macadamia nuts, guava, residential lawns

Buy organic fruit and vegetables, filter water from atrazine, avoid pesticides

Dioxins:  disrupts male and female sex hormones, low levels in the womb damage sperm quality in fetus

Fatty tissue of animals, dairy products, fish and shellfish, milk, eggs and butter

Very challenging as this chemical is throughout the food chain.

Phthalates:   Lowers sperm count, affects obesity, diabetes and thyroid function.  Testicular damage.

Plastic food containers, children’s toys, plastic wrap, personal care products, anything with ‘fragrance’ listed in ingredients.

Use glass or metal containers for food, read labels carefully, use natural personal care products.

Perchlorate: Thyroid dysfunction

Component in fireworks, pyrotechnics, flares and explosives.

Use reverse osmosis water filter; supplement with iodine, eat organic

Arsenic: lethal in high doses; interferes with normal hormone function, leads to weight gain, diabetes, retarded growth, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

Contaminated ground water, seafood, rice, cereal

Filter your water, test soil for arsenic, eat organic

Fire Retardants:  Disrupts thyroid hormones, memory and learning problems, delayed mental and physical development, lower IQ

Furniture, carpeting, upholstery, children’s pajamas, baby products, automotive foam, strollers, nursing pillows, electronics, adhesives, and plastics.

Allow new furniture to off-gas before bringing into home; check labels carefully, Use HEPA filter to cut down toxic dust..

Glycol Ethers:  Poor sperm quality, blood abnormalities, anemia

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, sunscreens, inks, dyes, paints, brake fluid, cleaning products

Use natural cleaning products, read labels,

Organophosphate pesticides: aggressive prostate, breast, ovarian and thyroid cancers

Flea and tick collars, gardening products; shampoos, sprays and powders for animals.

Buy organic, use natural products on your pets. Use natural products in your garden.

Perfluorinated Chemicals:  99 percent of Americans have this in our bodies.  Linked to low birth rate, decreased sperm quality, high cholesterol, kidney disease, thyroid disease.

Food wrappers, water and oil repellants, foams used to fight fires, metal spray plating, non-stick cookware, cleaning products, stain resistant fabrics

Avoid non-stick cookware, pans and utensils; eat organic; avoid products labeled stain resistant. Use natural cleaning products.

Mercury: interferes with brain development, damages cells in the pancreas.

Almost all fish and shellfish

Avoid eating large fish such as sharks, swordfish, etc; Look for water advisories when fishing for food.

Lead:  permanent brain damage, lowered IQ, miscarriages, premature births, increased blood pressure, kidney damage, nervous system damage.

House paints, makeup, old water pipes, imported canned goods, children’s toys.

Dispose of old paint chips; get a good filter for lead; run cold water, if you have old pipes for a minute before using the water.  Wash children’s toys and hands regularly.


For more information, research https://www.ewg.org/

Until next time,

Dr. Polly