10 Sessions to Examine the

Hidden Truths in the Iris

Here’s Everything You Are Going To Get:

  • 10 Video sessions educating you about Iridology
  • Downloadable Iridology Manual
  • Iris Photos that will help you understand specific Iris changes and terms
  • Private Facebook Interactive Group
  • The ability to understand what the Iris holds regarding generational predispositions
  • An excellent course to either understand your DNA better or explore turning this into a profession
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Q: How Do I Know If This Course Is Right for Me?

A: If you have been exploring holistic options regarding your overall health, then this course is exactly what you need.

Q: What Are the Biggest Benefits This Course Offers?

This online course will teach you how to read the signs in the iris that pertain to you, your biological parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Q: Why Do I Need This Course?

Honestly, you do not however if you have a desire for knowledge whether as a hobby or becoming a certified Iridologist then this is an excellent introductory course.

Q: How Long Is This Course?

This is a self-paced course so you go according to your daily schedule, no pressure.

Q: Do You Offer a Payment Plan?

A: Yes, we do! In addition to full-pay, we also offer a 3-pay option to make the program affordable to everyone.