New Year, New products for your health

It is a new year.   Many times, people want a new start.  Out with the old; in with something different.   Here at Abundant Health and Wellness, we are always looking for ways to save our clients money, while at the same time, providing excellent products and opportunities.

Some products came to my attention in September, 2012.  I spent quite a bit of time researching the company and the ND who developed the products.  We decided to bring this product line into the clinical setting.  We also have provided a link on our website:     Once you find the site, at the top of the menu, you will see a tab marked ‘products.’   Next, select ‘Genesis Pure.’   We have made it very convenient for you to order these and other products right from the web.

I want to introduce the product line in categories:  Daily maintenance, Weight loss, Body building, Super fruits, and then miscellaneous other offerings.  You can see them all on the website.

I want to talk about daily maintenance.  The body is a flow system, and if we can keep the flow of nutrients going in, and the flow of toxins leaving the body, then we have a good foundation for health.  One feature of these products is that they are liquid and bio-available.  I have tried both of these products, and can honestly say that the taste is not offensive.

As a clinician, I want people to stay healthy.  One of the obstacles to supplementation is the cost factor.  At the clinic, we know that if we can keep the cost down, people will be able to do more for their health.

Two of the products that I want to highlight today are Daily Build and Liquid Cleanse.  These two products alone will do much for balancing the body.   Daily Build is a daily vitamin.  Here is a list of properties:

  • Contains antioxidants and polysaccharides from six powerful superfruits: açaí, mangosteen, goji, noni, pomegranate, and blueberry*
  • Wide spectrum blend intended to support all major systems in the body*
  • Introduction of the Bio-Protection Blend includes some of the newest and best researched nutrients available*
  • Unique superfood blend provides chlorophyll and an array of other phyto-nutrients*
  • One serving offers a full range of amino acids, powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for building the body at a cellular level*

The second product is Liquid Cleanse.  Most people, when they hear ‘cleanse’ think of a harsh detox product.  This product opens the seven channels of elimination, and allows the body to clear itself of cellular waste.  It is not harsh, and it is easy to take.   Its benefits include:

  • Supports healthy detoxification of all seven channels of elimination*
  • Ensures 2-3 healthy bowel movements each and every day with absolutely no dependency*
  • Developed with 20 years of real life clinical experience and 2.5 years of actual testing*
  • Does not cause cramping, diarrhea, gas or over stimulating effects like other internal cleansers*
  • Includes critical cleansing herbs that other popular internal cleansers do not contain, such as Wasabi, Uva Ursi Leaf, Yellow Dock Root, Burdock Root, Gentian and many others*
  • Non-habit forming and buffered to help support proper gastrointestinal elimination*
  • 100% liquid vegetarian product with no excipients or binders*
  • Does NOT contain Magnesium Hydroxide, Cape Aloe Gel, Senna or other harsh, un-buffered active ingredients that have potential negative effects associated with their use*
  • Kosher certified
  • Contains aloe vera which has been shown to support and improve digestion as well as soothe irritations of the digestive tract*

There are other excellent products, such as Green Coffee Bean extract, energy products, and personal care products that I will introduce in upcoming days.

We hope that you will check the website out, and try these products for yourself.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

  • Sophia says:

    It’s nice to see this post, I am researching about health products for the last two years onwards, but right now lacks of products are available, so how can i identify which one is better. Can you explain elaborately about health products.

    • Thank you, Sophia for asking. I cannot give you an exhaustive answer, but these things are what I look for: Are the products organic, non-GMO, wild-crafted, and harvested by hand. All of the products on my website pass those tests. I look for formulators who have the same healing philosophy as I do: Cleanse the body, build the body, and remove stressors. Good health products are not cheap. A good formulation will work quickly. You will notice a difference in the way you feel about 48 hours after you take a supplement or protocol, if you are taking good products.