Movement: use it or lose it

Our bodies have joints and muscles for a reason.  We are meant to move.   We only have to look at the young people in our lives to know that we were made for movement.  I have three young grandchildren.  They are on the move ALL.THE.TIME.     We seniors

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Non-meat meat coming to a restaurant near you

I was reading in the local newspaper a few weeks ago, and I read that Sir Richard Branson has teamed up with Bill Gates and Cargill to manufacture vegetarian beef. I know that there are many people who think that those who eat vegetarian diets are healthier

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Malnutrition—it does not always look familiar

Malnutrition is pandemic in America.  So is obesity.  Normally, when we think of malnutrition, we think of emaciated children in third world countries.  The World Health Organization says that over 600 million people are malnourished while over two billion are overweight or obese. There are two types

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Hold the knife, please!

Doctors say that physical therapy can be as effective than surgery for a torn meniscus in the knee.  JAMA is reporting that a study following more than 300 patients with a torn meniscus that was not severe enough to lock the knee found that joint function improved

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Antibiotics can affect long-term health

Antibiotics are routinely given for a variety of infections.  We have come to expect the prescription, and we will even call our doctors and request them at the first sign of infection.   To be sure, antibiotics are a godsend.  I am thankful for them. However, in my

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