New Mother's Day tradition




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It’s Monday morning… Time to get back into the real world after the ‘queenly pampering’ of Mother’s Day.


I don’t know about yours, but my day was as close to perfect as I was expecting.  My children and grandchildren worked with my husband to make my day perfect.  Later in the afternoon, a sister who had just moved back to the old neighborhood, graced us with a short visit.  She had her twins in tow.  


I had sent out an email/text/FB with a message that I would be hosting an open house for Mother’s Day for my extended family.  Of course, it was very casual, and no pomp and circumstance were promised.  The pinnacle of drama occurred when our little four-legged person objected to new smells in her territory.


One of the nicest things that happened was when my sister presented me with a gift bag.  I had not anticipated gift exchange, and made some comment as to how sweet it was that she bought me a gift.  She laughed, and said that I had actually bought it….   I had not remembered giving her any dollars, so my curiosity was heightened.


As I pulled the gift out of the bag, Sister proceeded to tell me how much my original gift to her many years ago had encouraged her during tough times.  As I unwrapped the offering, I saw that it was a small glass vase.  Years ago,  I had sent her a floral arrangement for some occasion, and she had recycled the vase as a cosmetic catch-all.   She said that she wanted me to have it has it has meant so much to her.   Needless to say, I was very touched at her sentiments. 


This morning, I was looking for a place of honor among my things, searching for a place for the vase, I happened to see a mug on my dresser that had sentimental value for me.  It also is a cosmetic catch-all.  The significance of this mug is that it was one of the first gifts I received as a teacher.   I did not receive it from a student, but rather from my principal.  I have looked at that mug since 1997, and it has been a source of encouragement every morning.


As I was putting the various brushes and pencils into the vase, I considered that one way to do honor to her, would be to respond to her gift in kind.   Shhhhh  don’t tell her, but I am going to present the mug to her, in the same wrapping the next time I see her.  Maybe she started a new Mother’s Day tradition…???


I hope your Mother’s Day was special….   Now back to the real world.


Until next time,


Dr. Polly