More startling facts about the Hep B vaccine…

o Findings suggest that US male neonates vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine had a 3-fold greater risk of ASD.” (Autism Spectrum Disorder)— Sources: Age of Autism—September 17, 2009; Annals of Epidemiology September 2009: 19(9); 659; Sick and Tired: A Second Thought about Viruses and Vaccines and the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, 2001
o “Children who received the Hepatitis B vaccine series were 50% more likely to develop “central nervous system inflammatory demyelination’ than children who did not receive the vaccine. Most of this increase was due to the Engerix B brand of the vaccine, manufactured by the UK’s GlaxoSmithKline. This brand increased the risk of demyelination by 74%, and patients with confirmed multiple sclerosis were nearly three times more likely to develop the disorder. This vaccine was marketed as an alternative to the vaccinations containing mercury. However, this vaccine contains Aluminum, which studies show may be even worse than Mercury.

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