The Birds and the Bees… who knew?

The Birds and the Bees… who knew?

We all know there are super nutrients, but one that has caught my attention recently is Bee Pollen.  Bee pollen is a natural antibiotic, which is very effective against E. Coli poisoning, Salmonella and other bacteria.  It is also known to boost the immune system.


Bee pollen is the microscopic substance that is the main food source for bees.  It is considered one of nature’s most perfect foods.  It contains twenty-seven minerals, twenty-two amino acids, nineteen enzymes, all the known vitamins, and several hormone-like substances.


What intrigued me,  was the effect that Bee Pollen has on impotence.  In a study of impotent men, 50% of the participants had improved sexual performance after taking this superfood.  There are no known side effects, but some people may be sensitive to Bee Pollen.  It is advised to start with small doses to avoid any sensitivity.


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