BX Antitoxin…. Good news for cancer!/photo.php?v=10150574251821848    

Please take about five minutes and watch this new cancer breakthrough.  Graphic content, but the outcomes are phenomenal. 

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work and research ! We are so Blessed to have a Spirit Filled person searching for the truth in the medical field! Thanks for facing the lions and trusting in our Heavenly Father to lead you! We are Praying for you!

    • Thanks, Gary. You know that most people have no idea the options that are out there. This clinic has a 95% success rate with curing cancers in Stage I, II, AND III. It has a 75% cure rate with Stage IV cancers. Western medicine has a .02% success rate with Chemo and Radiation.
      Think about it….

      • Hi what is the name of the clinic that has that track record? Have you heard of Dr. Forsythe in NV. Itergrated medicine with good success. Susanne Sommers recommends him.
        Thank you. Bobbie and Greg

        • Hope 4 cancer institute. Yes, I have heard of physicians who are integrating holistic methods with traditional allopathic treatments. I have read SUsanne Sommer’s books, and really appreciate the transcripts from the doctors.

    • Where can i get more information on BX Antitoxin…

  2. Heya, I truly love this internet page. So much useful selective information. Thanks a ton for sharing that with us. Cheers!

  3. Howdy, I really love your homepage. Very much helpful facts. Thank you for sharing this with us. Adios for now!

  4. You are awesome, thanks for the information. Do you know if the BX Antitoxin really works especially for ovarian cancer? and also do you know of people to whom the BX has worked for them? just curious before I make that phone call to Pam.
    Thanks again Jowama

    • Jowanna, I have just stumbled on this site. Since you posed your question regarding the effects of BX Antitoxin on ovarian in April, you may not see this post. What did you learn? Did you go for it? Thank you. Lucy

      • I have worked with the BX Antitoxin and have some clients on it. The results are very curative for those in stages I,II, III and has very good results with stage IV; however, one must take into consideration the fact most coming to us with stage IV have undergone multiple other modalities of cancer treatments, many of which have compromised the body, also there is a lot of tumor tissue for the body to excrete. That being said, it is not the BX Antitoxin not working, it is that it is extremely important to understand the condition of the body. If I had a choice no matter, I would take whatever chance I had to the last moment; it is how hope works. As for using it with ovarian cancer, one must again to understand the mechanisms of the BX Antitoxin; the BX does not concern itself with types of cancer but only that they are there and attack the stealth bacterium therein thus causing a domino effect on all cancer cells, when one is hit with the BX the next is also effected and on and on; each cancer cell destroying the next. Quite amazing to follow clients through it. If you are interested in knowing more. go to, it shows and explains about the BX Antitoxin, gives you testimonies and from there you are able to get a consultation from Hope4Cancer’s BX team. It is worth just exploring it. But the sooner you are able to get on it the better faster you will heal. Yours Always in Hope.

  5. Is the BX Antitoxin only in Mexico, ? what about the great USA, UK, Germany especially Germany I hear they have the best cancer doctors. Are the best of the doctors in Mexico?? and how do you distinguish a quack and a real doctor down in Mexico. Just curious again…

    Thanks Jowama

    • The United States is not open to this type of treatment. There was a clinic working with this product in Utah. It has had to move outside of the United States due to pressure from the FDA. I have personally met this doctor, and I have referred my own family members to this clinic. Your question is a good one. How do you distinguish a real doctor from a quack. You have to do your research. I have seen facts and figures from this clinic, and I have seen before and after photos. Again, you have to do your own research, and be comfortable with the persons involved and the information you receive.

      It is my understanding that the BX Antitoxin is available to any healthcare professional anywhere in the world who will take advantage of this opportunity. Other countries have different laws regarding what can be used. Your best contact is Pam. She can point you to other information in other countries.

  6. Hey, can I use your post on my blog with a linkback?

  7. Is BX in America / Germany/ UK or is it just Hope 4 Cancer in Mexico., also you said you recommended your family friends to the Clinic how successful were the treatments they received and did they use the BX as part of the treatments at Hope 4 cancer.

    • It is my understanding that the clinic will work with any health care practitioner in any part of the world. The clinic is located just outside San Diego.

      I have recently recommended the clinic, so the results are not in yet. As a Naturopath, I can only recommend. People are very locked in to western medicine, so I am not sure if they will even take advantage of this. However, I feel very good about this clinic, and if I or my immediate family were to need treatment, this is where I would look first.

  8. I am so glad to see so many coming forward and asking questions, we can put the information out but we cannot make anyone accept it. Too long we have been told traditional medicine is the safe way to treat cancer. What is save about the big 3? Poison, burn and cut, I call that dangerous to self. I have seen wonderful results from Hope4Cancer, they are on the forefront of cancer treatment medicine. The BX Antitoxin is phenomenal, even hospice patients have a 45 to 50% success rate. We must understand the sooner you get it, the better the results; the disadvantage for late stage or hospice patients is not so much the cancer, but the effects of the big 3 on your body; the BX Antitoxin can and will treat the cancer, the body’s damage is the culprit in retaining health or surviving. It is so important to follow non-invasive first.

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