The Truth about the flu vaccine

I am hearing a good deal of static on the news media concerning rumblings from the government  and or employers who are wanting to make flu shots mandatory for retaining employment.   Really?   We are taking medical advice from politicians and talking heads?   What happened to personal responsibility?


One of the arguments I heard was that if workers are not vaccinated against the flu, then the whole office could become contaminated, resulting in total closure of said office.  Really?  We want to inject our employees in hope that the injection might forestall the flu?  Are people listening to the medical reports?   The Lancet reports that flu vaccines are less than 70% effective.—U.aspx#_edn3


There is very little evidence to show that vaccinations actually prevent the disease they are targeting.  Some research states that getting the flu shot will only lessen the severity of the flu by 24 hours.  Is this benefit enough to counteract the toxic ingredients of the injection?  What is in a flu shot?  ”Right now, influenza vaccine virus is grown in the fluids of chicken embryos but vaccine manufacturers are experimenting with using other growth mediums like insect cells and dog kidney cells for production. It is a good idea to always read the manufacturer product information insert for a description of how a vaccine is made. For injected flu shots that come from multi-dose vials, the three strains of influenza virus are inactivated with formaldehyde and preserved with a mercury-based chemical (Thimerosal). The inhaled live virus flu vaccine does not contain mercury. Depending upon the drug company manufacturing the vaccine, flu shots may contain different additional ingredients in varying amounts, such as:

• Mercury

• Formaldehyde, MSG and other chemicals

• Egg protein

• Antibiotics

• Gelatin

• Sucrose


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be injected with dog kidney cells.  I don’t want insect cells.  I don’t want formaldehyde, or mercury.  I would rather protect my self and my family by keeping my immune system alert for the various microbes in the environment.   I cannot, nor do I want to live in a bubble.  I want to live in the real world where I hear/see/touch live human beings who may be infected with the flu virus.   I am not afraid of coming into contact with the virus.   I hear some of you gasp, and think that I am being irrational.  What is irrational about eating well, taking anti-viral supplements, and making sure that my body is releasing toxins daily?  What is irrational about using homeopathy which will keep my immune system at the ready?  If I happen to come into contact with a flu germ, all of my physical resources are ready to attack before they can proliferate in my body enough to cause symptoms.


Honestly, I live most days symptom free.  On the odd day when I feel a tickle in my throat, or I feel a little off-color, I help myself to generous helpings of infection fighting herbs to give my body support in throwing off the unwanted invaders.  I can honestly say that I have never had the flu shot, and I have never in the past 30 years had the flu.


Because I live ‘flu free’ with no flu shot, I am frustrated and more than a little concerned at these proposed government/employer mandates to insist every worker submit to the toxic effects of the flu vaccine.  I am thankful that I live in a state that is smart enough, and protects its citizens enough to have ‘Informed Consent’ exemptions available.


As a free, (really) society of adults, we need to stand up en mass and demand that our individual freedoms remain intact.  Chief of these that our right to remain toxic free.


Until next time,


Dr. Polly