Don't Buck Valentine's Day Traditions

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of diamonds, chocolates, and flowers as acceptable gifts.  Maybe a girl can’t have all three on one occasion, but seriously, any one of the three is a truly suitable gift.  The diamonds remind her that the affections of her ‘Valentine’ are forever.   The candy reminds her how sweet love is.  The flowers are a token of the fragility of love, and tending them reminds her to tend to him.

It is Valentine’s season again, and I am again amazed at the advertisements on the television.  Two of the most prominent ads I see are the ‘Hoody/Footie’ from PajamaGram, and the huge bear from the Vermont Teddy Bear.  Those gifts might be appreciated if the wife/girlfriend/mistress were between the ages of 12-21, although I cannot imagine when I would have been happy to be on the receiving end of those gifts.

As I watch those commercials, I say to myself, ‘Really???”    The marketing says that this gift is a creative alternative on traditional diamonds, chocolate and candy.  Really?  White diamonds, Yellow diamonds, and now Chocolate diamonds are available.  There is no end of Chocolate varieties, from the grocery store brand to my favorite, Belgian/Swiss varieties.  Flowers… never out of style.  They can be classy, fancy, elegant or just a bunch of posies…plenty of diversification there as well.

A ‘Hoodie/footie’ which is pretty much a sleeping bag one can walk in, does not lend itself to togetherness, or intimacy.  Is this what Valentine’s Day is celebrating?   Is there a grown woman anywhere who would be thrilled to the point of swooning when presented with a Teddy Bear that is taller/larger than most elementary school children.   I just don’t get it….

Who makes these commercials?  Where is the market research conducted?  More importantly, how can I set the ‘parental controls’ on my television so that my husband, who adores me does not make a fatal mistake of being influenced by these misguided advertisements?

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Dr. Polly

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