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Unconventional man; unconventional methods

This morning I awoke with a startling vision in my head.  I am sharing this as a personal insight, not as a theological revelation. Remember in the Old Testament story of Samson, when Samson put his hands on the philistine temple columns, and asked God to ‘one

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It's the little things…..

In our busy, gotta slay the dragon world, let’s be sure to remember the little things. The kind word, The smile, The encouraging note or card, It doesn’t take long…  Just a minute or two…. But it makes a world of difference to someone’s day… Be a

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Smarter than my GPS…

My GPS hijacked my weekend trip. We had to leave on Thursday evening to go to Eureka Springs for a Friday Night wedding. We had MapQuest hard copy maps, we had the address plugged into the GPS, and fortunately, I have Google Maps on my telephone. We

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God has a Good 'Plan B'

Yesterday marked the sixteenth anniversary of my becoming a widow. My late husband had been diagnosed with cancer. He had taken the traditional medicinal route, and the treatment that was supposed to keep him free of cancer ended up killing him. I will never forget that day.

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ALL Lives Matter

I’m just a little frustrated. I see T-shirts, protest signs, and even YouTubes with people standing with their arms raised with the ‘Don’t Shoot’ motto inscribed either on the shirts, placards or scrolling under the televised marches. We also have seen football players and congressmen getting in

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