Treat the Cause; not the symptom

There is a huge difference between allopathic medicine and holistic medicine. A personal story might help get this point across.

Sometime in February, 2013, the dear Hubz came home from working on the deer lease with a cough. I remember the timing, as I was in Las Vegas at a seminar late in the month, and he was coughing when I returned home. We tried different allergy herbs and supplements, but nothing worked. He was coughing so badly that he was having to sit up nights just to get some rest.

Nothing was working; the cough was getting worse. Finally, on March 12, 2013, he went to the local minor emergency room. There the doctor gave him two injections, and told him to go to the pharmacy for some meds. The Doc wrote four prescriptions: Two for cough, one Z-pac, and one steroid. As much as we hate taking medicine, something had to give. The day after he went to the doctor, the news broke on the adverse effects of the Z-pac. He decided he did not need that drug. He dutifully took all the medications as prescribed, and the steroid did calm down the cough. Things looked to be improving. However, we were still sleepless in Houston.

On March 22, as the cough was still unresolved, he went to his regular doctor. He took all the paperwork from the emergency room, and his doctor told him: This looks to be a bad reaction to the pollen. The steroid did a good job, but it was not delivered in the correct manner. This is why the bronchial tubes are still inflamed. The good doctor told the Hubz that he was going to treat his condition as if It were asthma, but it was not asthma. He prescribed a steroid in with an inhaler delivery. The doctor said that within 1.5-2 weeks, his condition would be resolved.

On Thursday, April 4, the Hubz went back to our family practitioner. He was no better. The doctor checked his lungs, clear; bronchials, clear. Nothing respiratory was amiss. The doctor then suggested that the Hubz had acid reflux (GERDs) disease. The Hubz said, no, no heartburn. Doc countered, with, Well, lots of times people have reflux, but there are no symptoms. Ok, well…. We will see. Of course, there was yet another prescription.

I remember hearing one of my teachers talk about gall bladder reflux. He said that with acid reflux, there is burning, but not so with gall bladder reflux. So I brought The Hubz into the clinic and performed some energetic testing on his gall bladder. Lo and behold… this meridian point was out of balance. I worked my magic with the EAV instrument, wrote out the protocol, and went home to see what happened.

Within 24 hours, the coughing was much better. Within a week, the cough was almost non-existent. Here is the moral of the story: When we address the ‘symptom’ we oftentimes miss the ‘cause’ of the symptom. It is only when the ‘cause’ is addressed that the problem is resolved.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly