Pesticide production in the human gut…..

Abundant Health and Wellness Clinic invited the community to watch a free showing of the movie Genetic Roulette.   I had not seen this particular movie before, though I had seen others like it.   We host these community events because I believe that knowledge is power.  What we don’t know can hurt us.   As our own best health advocates, we must know what is in our food supply if we want to continue to improve our health.


In my practice, I do a good deal of bio-energetic testing.  This is an assessment whereby sophisticated computerized software is used to assess the bio-meridians of the body.  This is a painless evaluation, and it pinpoints areas of imbalance in the human body.  To see a short  instructional video, please visit my home page,    The video is right on that first page.


One of the toxic elements that shows up in this assessment, time after time, is the presence of pesticides.  Often, when  I tell the client sitting across the table from me that there is a toxic load of pesticides, the client will look at me in disbelief, and ask where did that come from/ how did that happen.    I have been at a loss to explain this reading.  However, the information in the abovementioned movie shed some light on this.


Apparently, the GMO crops known as ‘Bt Corn,’ or ‘Bt soy’ have been spliced with a toxin called Bacillus thuringiensis.  This is common knowledge.   This toxin  enables the plant to produce its own pesticide.  Once the insect bites into the plant, the Bt toxin causes the stomach of the insect to explode, thereby killing the insect.  What has not been told to the public, is that this same Bt toxin, in our (yes, that’s right Human) stomachs, produces very much the same effect.  Now our stomachs are larger, and do not explode.  However, the Gi tract does  become permeable, and undigested food has the ability to leak out into the blood stream.  Undigested food does not have any business leaving the digestive tract.  When it does, the body sees it as an invader, and produces antibodies to combat it.  Food is not the enemy.  When the body is not functioning properly, the immune system turns on itself, and this ‘wrong place/wrong time’ appearance of food particles causes symptoms of food allergies and intolerances. 


I have heard in seminar after seminar that the increase in digestive issues across the population is alarming physicians and holistic practitioners everywhere.  I have long wondered what has happened to our environment and the way food is prepared to cause so many digestive complaints.  The answer is somewhat clearer now.


Here are two scientist who have tried to make this information accessible to the public:



French endocrinologists have studies the Bt toxin, and its effects on digestive health.  Seralini, a molecular endocrinologist and a member of the French government commission won a law suit to make public data concerning pesticide toxicity.


Pusztai and Seralini spoke about toxic loads at a June 22, 2005 press conference in Berlin organized by Greenpeace.  ‘Both scientists are uniquely qualified to evaluate the study. Seralini studies endocrine disruptors and the impact of pesticides on health. He was one of four experts appointed to respond to the WTO challenge filed by the US against the European Union’s policy on GM food and crops. He has read all of the industry’s GM-food submissions to Europe as well as all the commentaries on the submissions. Pusztai is the leading authority in his field of protein science (lectins) and had been commissioned by the UK government in the 1990s to develop the ideal testing protocol for all GM foods. Although his protocol was supposed to be adopted by the UK government and eventually in Europe, Pusztai’s controversial finding that GM potatoes damaged the health of rats ultimately stopped the work. Pusztai has also been commissioned to evaluate all published studies on GM foods, and has analyzed most of the confidential submissions made by industry.

Both scientists have expressed alarm about the unsupported arguments that Monsanto and some European regulators use to force product approvals. Now that the Mon 863 study is available, other scientists and the public can evaluate the industry’s defense, which Pusztai and Seralini say contradict well established scientific principles. Chief among their concerns are the ways Monsanto explains away statistically significant effects.’   For more information, please visit

Knowledge is power.  Now we not only know that GMOs interrupt the endocrine and digestive cycles in humans, we know how they do it.  Thankfully there are wonderful holistic formulators who understand what is going on, and produce products that will help reverse the process and once again bring the body into balance.


Until next time,


Dr. Polly