I'm standing my ground….

Stand Your Ground Laws

There is much in the news this week regarding the Stand your ground laws.  It is my understanding that approximately thirty stated have these laws.   It is also my understanding that these laws give individuals the right to protect themselves and their property against those who would take it as their own.   In fact, I believe that our Constitution ensures and assures us that we do have these unalienable rights.

Enter the talking heads, both celebrity and political calling for change, saying that these laws give too much power to the individual.  Really?   The last time I looked, both Stevie Wonder and Eric Holder, (the most outspoken today) have no need for stand your ground laws.  Each of these men employ a small army of body guards to protect them.  No, wait, WE THE PEOPLE pay the salary of the men who protect Eric Holder.

Broadly speaking, all the people in government and Hollywood have people to protect them from unwanted advances.   For the rest of us, I am thankful that there are laws on the books that allow us to do the same, on an individual level.

I find it somewhat hypocritical that those who are able to pay for their protection have issue with a law that allows us to do the same.  If they really believe that we have no need of these laws, I challenge them to do away with their protection.  Let the celebrities dispense with their small entourage who obviously are there to protect them.  Let all the politicians, including Eric Holder and the President disarm their Secret Service personnel, and live like the rest of us:  Protecting what is ours on an individual level.

I for one, am tired of the hypocrisy.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly