Obesity: the double standard of our government…..

I don’t know if you have been keeping track or not, but there is some really strange reasoning going on in the medical field today.    Last week there were two studies discussing the problem of obesity.  Medical professionals are up in arms over this national health crisis.

Equally important, but nowhere on the national radar is the problem of what we are eating.   We are eating unnatural, denatured foods, that we cannot possibly metabolize properly.   The chronic weight gain is the body’s natural healing strategy, shuttling the toxic load of our food stuffs to our fat cells in hopes of containment.

The simple facts are that people who eat a predominantly organic diet do not have the weight issues that people who eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) encounter.  Instead of treating obesity as a disease, why not ban all toxic chemicals from foods, and see if the body won’t cooperate and shed those unwanted inches.

With three years experience in weight loss management,  there is not a person who has come under our treatment who has not shed those unwanted pounds once diet and toxicity were addressed.   We are firmly convinced that the war on weight can be won, but the instruments of warfare are not further toxic processed-food offerings or fad diets.   It is incumbent upon our government to quit allowing our food supply to be poisoned in the name of greed, (GMOs) and to return the sound farming practices.

Let’s quit focusing on the symptom of the disease, and let’s focus on the cause of the dis-ease.  I would like to see the powers that be use their authority for the good of the nation.  Let’s do some research on these GMO’s, lets analyze the cause of nutrient poor foods, and let’s make proper food production a national priority.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly