Clinical results with bone repair

I have been very fortunate in that I have never had to see a periodontist. So far my gums have been good. However, I have had family members who have had issues with their gums, and they have had to have surgery to repair them. Most of the time, the problems with the teeth affect the gums, and if left untreated, the problems will affect the jaw bone as well. When this happens, there are dark places of decay in the jaw bone called cavitations.

A dental cavitation can form – and frequently does – after some trauma affecting the jaw. It is basically a “hole” forming in the jaw bone which can reach the size of a thumb tip and larger.

Most often, cavitation infections are triggered after a tooth has been (improperly) extracted, particularly in the case of wisdom teeth and molars in adults (children rarely develop them). In fact, according to Cavitat Medical Technologies, Inc., some 80% of all extractions performed on adults eventually turn into cavitation infections.

According to conventional wisdom, cavitations, when you get them, must be cleaned up and repaired surgically. I have seen a video of this type of surgery, and I must confess that I am not signing up for it voluntarily. Though there are some self-help suggestions and some great testimonials that you can find through an internet search, I would like to tell you about a personal case history.

I have a friend who has had several root canal procedures. This is her story, and I am going to let her tell it.

  • Monday April 27 arrived home after a 3 week trip to Canada.
  • Wednesday, April 30: After errands, I was caught in traffic for 45 minutes, with the sun shining on the left side of my face.   I began to feel unwell.
  • Thursday, May 1: My jaw was swollen and hurting. I couldn’t figure out if it was my teeth, my jaw, or I immediately started taking Silver Shield. (A Nature’s Sunshine product)
  • Friday, May 2: I was going to call my, but his office is only open Monday – Thursday.
  • Monday, May 5: I called my dentist and he got me in that morning. I told him my issue and what I was doing about it. He took x-rays and said I had an abscessed old root canal. He said it was a big infection in my jaw and gave me ten days of antibiotics. He told me to go to an endodontist that he recommended. I called the endodontist and he gave me an appointment for that afternoon. The endodontist took x-rays and said it was a big infection and I needed another root canal done. He drilled through the crown (since that tooth already had a root canal). He said the roots looked good and structure of the teeth was good. When he got down to the bottom of the roots, the infection below the tooth, in my jawbone, started oozing up in the roots. He packed it with an antibiotic and put a temp on the tooth (had to go back in two weeks). He had to relieve the pressure in my jaw by slitting the outside of my jawbone and pressing on it to bring out some of the puss.
  • Monday, May 19: I went back to the endodontist and he took out the antibiotics in the roots. He said I would be feeling better in up to 48 hours. Because the swelling and pain was still evident, he gave me 10 more days of antibiotics.
  • Tuesday, May 20: Still not feeling well. Still taking silver. Contacted Dr. Polly and told her my issue.   She asked me to send her some of my spit in a bottle. NOTE: Because the saliva contains the DNA signature of the bacteria in the jaw, I was able to invert it into the remedy. This procedure customized the remedy for the specific ailment of a specific patient.
  • Thursday, May 22: I received a bottle of a dental remedy and started taking it as she directed. Continued silver  and Dental remedy through August 2014.
  • Monday, June 10: I went back to my dentist and told him the history of the endodontist and my homeopathic dr friend treating me, since 20 days of antibiotics and another root canal were not helping the hurting and swelling. He wasn’t familiar with the natural remedy, but did not oppose it.
  • Monday, June 10 continued: He took out the temp plug in my crown and replaced it with a permanent plug.
  • May, June, July and August – followed Dr. Polly’s protocol to the ‘T’ (dental remedy ) and I continued to take the silver at least twice a day.  At this time, I had read some research concerning ‘oil pulling, and decided to implement this into what I was doing (August – September time-frame). Thinking I was feeling better, I would cut back on the dental remedy, silver  and oil pulling. Each time I did that, the horrid jawbone infection would raise its head as an ache in my jawbone which ached up to my ear.
  • Thursday, September 25: Started cutting back on silver and oil pulling.
  • Friday, September 26: I really started to feel bad while out shopping. I felt I needed a second opinion, and made an appointment with a microendodontist.
  • Monday, September 29: I paid for a consultation and new x-ray of my tooth. I explained to her the entire issue from April to present. She brought the x-ray up on the screen and I was amazed!
    • Where there was a big dark spot in the jawbone under the root canal tooth, was gone!
    • She said my body was doing an awesome job of healing itself!
    • I explained to her that I did all my dentist told me to do, my endodontist told me to do (he said it would heal itself after the new root canal procedure that he did within 3-6months, but it wasn’t doing that), and I was doing everything my homeopathic doctor friend was telling me to do.
    • She said my body was awesome. She said that it was healing…it was healing after 5 months like it had been a year!
    • She seemed to think that if I continued to do what I was doing (silver shield twice a day and two 20 minute coconut oil pullings a day) that I would continue to heal.
    • Today is October 15th and I feel better, but know the healing is not totally complete.

As her Naturopath, I can say that she is a client/patient who follows directions to the letter. She is very compliant. I am very happy that her dental specialist is pleased with our work, and she did not recommend any alterations to the protocol.

Until next time,


Dr. Polly

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  • Great info for future reference. Dental problems are ones you want cleared up quickly and permanently!