Rules for Essential Oil Safety

Many people are on the essential oil bandwagon these days. I am certainly NOT against the use of essential oils. I am frightened by the uneducated use of them. I am frightened that many people come to my clinic after they have been to a MLM essential oil party, and they want to buy the oils and they want to buy empty capsules. They have been told that it is perfectly safe to ingest these oils. What they do not know is that the home parties are hosted by people who have little to no training in the safety of the oils. I have had some training in essential oils, but I am not a certified aroma therapist. However, I always look for the most educated/experienced professional around, and I found Dr. Debrah Zepf. She is a board certified master herbalist, holds four doctorate degrees, has a PhD in Integrative Medicine, and is a Clinical Aroma Therapist. If anyone is qualified to talk to us about essential oils, she is.

I learned quite a few things from a recent webinar I attended with Dr. Zepf as presenter. Although I use essential oils in the clinic regularly with a diffuser, I also use them dispersed in bath water. I learned that because oil and water do not mix, (duh) it is better to add the oils either to bath salts or (of all things) milk before you add them to the bath. I had no idea. I had previously heard that if you added the oils to the bath, and then swished the water around, then the oils would be dispersed. Obviously, I had been misinformed. What about you? Do you just add the oil to the bath?

I had previously attended an essential oil workshop that had a MD as the presenter. We were told that we could make aphrodisiac oil blends. We were told that we could apply these oils to sensitive tissues, of course, avoiding those oils that were particularly ‘hot’.  Dr. Zepf advises that essential oil should NEVER be exposed to mucous membranes or sensitive skin areas.

I had previously been taught that it is perfectly permissible to rub essential oils on the bottoms of the baby’s feet. Dr. Zepf reminded me that babies could actually put their feet in their mouths. Yes! Of course! Putting the oils on baby’s feet will most likely get the oils into the baby’s mouths. And yet, I see all the time, the instruction that it is perfectly OK to soothe the baby with essential oils on the feet.

I learned that there are very few distributors of essential oils that do not ‘cut’ their oils with inferior oils to both stretch them and make them more economical to sell. I know that essential oils that are very reasonably priced are almost always synthetic, but I thought that the better quality MLM oils were pure. I found out that that might not be the case. Because essential oils carry their own vibratory signatures, to achieve the best medicinal effect, you must get the pure, unadulterated oils.

There was so much good information from someone who was QUALIFIED. I made a good many notes, and I will certainly adjust my recommendations based on her clinical perspective. This is what I know: Someone with a clinical perspective has the good of the consumer as his best interest. Someone who is a sponsor of a MLM company may have his own income potential as his best interest. Please pay attention to the motivation….

Until next time,

Dr Polly

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