Beware of Social Media Docs


Like most of you, I have a business FaceBook page.  We find it a great tool to market our business and to share good information with like minded people.  However, I am concerned with some of the posts that I am seeing from pages that I have ‘liked’.

For instance, I am seeing quite a few posts with titles such as these:

  1. “Detox your (insert favorite organ here) in a weekend (24/48 hours) or some other such ridiculous time frame.”
  2. “Use this amazing oil and see these conditions reverse.”
  3. “Did you know that the juice of this fruit will do ______________?”

Now, some of the information has some basis of truth, but the Detox ones really frustrate me.  Here are the reasons:

  1. Most people carry a toxic load at the cellular level. You only have to look around to see the toxic emotional outbursts and you will know that at the cellular level, this person is compromised.  There is no way that you could detox anything in a weekend.
  2. People who are carrying a toxic load usually do not have the energy to detoxify, especially at the cellular level. If they try one of these box remedies, or any sort of detox protocol, they will only succeed in shifting the load.  The end result of the patient is worse than before.
  3. Translocation of the toxins will occur if you disrupt the body’s homeostasis (balance) before ensuring that the body is healthy and energetic enough to handle the detox procedure.
  4. In years past, holistic people would look for and even encourage such a response, called a healing crisis. I don’t know about you, but anything that says ‘crisis’ is to be avoided in my book.  A patient is ill enough without my making matters worse by forcing the body into a down and dirty detox procedure.


Responsible cellular housekeeping is something that the body knows how to do, but is impeded because of the toxic environment.  As a professional, I implore you to seek out someone with credible knowledge who is able to guide you in a responsible manner.   Please don’t believe everything you read from health ‘experts’ on social media.  Most of the posts are irresponsible and misleading

Until next time,

Dr. Polly