This post is for Christians only

This post is for Christians only.  I do not want to get in a ying/yang back and forth concerning the pros and cons.  However, as a community, Christians are doing a disservice to Christ when we are ugly towards people whom we don’t even know.  Christ is the head of the Church, and it is up to him to judge the intent and contents of the heart.

In this crazy pre-election season, I am shocked and appalled at some of the comments that I have seen in the newsletters and on social media.  I say shame on you!   None of us know Donald Trump personally.  None of us know Hillary Clinton personally.  What we do know is their track record.

The only thing we know is what is public record.  We do not know the heart nor the intents of each of these professionals.  What we do know is that past behavior indicates future actions.

I want to remind my righteous friends who are in the ‘never Trump’ camp, you need to be very careful of your judgment.  I remember a very good king, in fact, a king after God’s own heart that was rejected by the Judge of Israel.  When God sent Samuel to anoint the replacement for Saul, Samuel was very eager to anoint the first candidate, Eliab.  He looked very kingly, but God had rejected him.  In fact, God chose someone who had no experience, was not born to the right family, and who had no religious qualifications.  (See 1 Samuel 16)

Sound familiar?

There is another Ruler that was chosen by God that was an absolute heathen.  Cyrus was a king of Persia, and the Bible says that the Spirit of God stirred up the heart of Cyrus. (Ezra 1:1)   It was through the actions of Cyrus (a heathen king) that the Kingdom of God was advanced in the ancient world.  Who’s to say that God is not going to move in this election?  The Bible plainly says that the heart of the king is in the hands of the Lord. (Proverbs  21:1)

I am very tired of seeing/hearing comments from religious talking heads that comment on failed marriages as a litmus test of godliness.   Yes, we know the divine plan for marriage is one man for one woman for life.  However, many times real life falls short of the ideal.  We have no idea why the marriages failed.  It is none of our business.  When you piously comment on the candidates’ past moral/ethical failings, it would behoove you to remember that the Bible commands us to be careful when we judge others, lest we be judged in the process.

What we need in America is a statesman.  We need a person who is a bridge builder, not a career politician who would want to further the status quo.   Our Government is corrupt, as we can tell by the Director of the FBI judging acts as to be criminal, yet forgoing to prosecute those acts.   My fellow Christians, no one of us should be above the law.

It would be a breath of fresh air to have our governmental officials cooperating with one another in order to further the American Dream for all its citizens.   Where there is lawlessness at the top of our government, and recent events have shown that there is, we cannot expect to have lawful communities at the grassroots level.   Leadership starts at the top, and it is high time for us to demand that our leaders lead appropriately.

For those of you who say you will write in a different candidate, how selfish are you?  A write-in candidate hurts both sides, and while it is a protest vote, it is a waste of everyone’s time, and it is squandering the blood of those who fought for us to have that privilege.

I do not have a crystal ball, and I have no idea who God would pick as the leader of our nation.  However, I do believe that our electoral process works.  It’s too bad that your pet candidate did not win the nomination, but for God’s sake, and the sake of our nation, buck up and unify behind one of the two candidates on offer.

May God’s will be done.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly


  • Denise says:

    Well said! Can add nothing to it. Totally agree with the selfishness of writing in a vote. Ridiculous waste.

  • Karen says:

    Although I highly respect the freedom and privilege of the write in vote it is a reality that the next President will come from 1 of 2 parties. If the President elect is not in line with your choices of how things should be done you will affect more pressure on his/her stance by electing state and congressional candidates that will force movement one way or the other.

  • Linda Hill says:

    You spoke my heart! Exactly the way I feel.

  • Trina says:

    I’ve had this very discussion with several people. I couldn’t agree more.