When Western medicine offers no hope, how do you regain your health?

There are always objections to trying something new.  I know when my late husband was diagnosed with cancer, we had no idea there was any other option other than the standard: surgery, chemo and radiation.   We did not seriously study or research any alternative options.  We had some suggestions from well-meaning friends, but nobody with any scientific credibility.   That was 23 years ago, and things are much the same.

When we talk to people about checking other alternatives when the main stream medical route does not work, we hear many objections:

  • They don’t work
  • They are too expensive
  • Insurance doesn’t cover it.
  • They are not approved by the FDA

I heard a medical doctor (trained and credentialed in the United States) state that insurance was one of the worst things you could buy if you were concerned about your health.  We all took a gasp when he said this.  He said that many people made their health decisions based on what insurance would cover.  He went on to say that medical treatment would rarely restore one back to health.  He continued to say that the Standard of Care that most physicians follow is not uniquely tailord to the individual concerned.   These statements really resonanced with me.

There is a difference between disease management and health care.   To regain or retain health these ten things are paramount.

  1. Believe that your body has the power to heal.   What you think about your health often becomes your reality.  If you think you are dying, you probably will.  If you think you can beat the diagnosis, you probably can.
  2. Avoid and eliminate toxins in your food and your environment.  Alcohol is the most accepted poison of our time.
  3. Change what you eat.   Move away from the Standard American Diet, to one that is primarily whole foods eaten in the way they are created (NOT processed.)
  4. Hydrate properly.  Water is necessary for health.  92 ounces for females, 124 oz for males.
  5. Journal your journey.  You are empowering yourself when you write things down.
  6. Build a team.  This could be health professionals of any type, or it could be social media support groups.
  7. Meditate.   Science has found that meditation is just as effective as medication in some instances.
  8. Excerise.  Use it or lose it….
  9. Rest.  9 hours per night is the goal.
  10. Emotional connections.  Isolation and separation is not a Rx for healing. Make those connections.

This information condensed from an article written by Beth Giuffre for the Epoch Times, March 23-29, 2022

Until next time,


Dr. Polly