Way to go, Costa Mesa, California… call to ban Dental Amalgams.

Costa Mesa, California is the first city in the United States to call for an immediate end to dental amalgam.

Dental amalgam is a filling material that is 50 percent mercury. The resolution calls on federal and state agencies to eliminate amalgam, and asks dentists in Costa Mesa to switch to non-toxic alternatives.

The resolution does not actually ban amalgam, but it is an important step toward ending a scourge of both health and the environment.

WellSphere reports:

“The watershed Monahan Resolution is the first success for Californians for Green Dentistry, a new project of Consumers for Dental Choice … At the city council hearing … dentists, health professionals, injured consumers, scientists, advocates, and even former Californian Dental Board member Dr. Chet Yokoyama… offered poignant testimony calling for a ban on dental mercury.”

WellSphere October 27, 2010

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