Frequent fliers might be at health risk

Frequent fliers might be at health risk

So says the Houston Chronicle. “Extensive travelers were 260% more likely than light travelers to rate their health as fair to poor. Obesity was 92% more common in the extensive travelers. They also had higher cholesterol and high blood pressure.”

Many people enjoy travel. Some of us have to travel for our work. I think these two groups of people are the ones the article was talking about. What can you do if your job requires you to travel?

1. Make sure that you carry and take a natural antibiotic the day you travel. I prefer Liquid Silver with Aqua Sol technology. I take a quaff before I board the plane, and then take one twice a day until I return home. I have been very thankful to have stayed infection free with this method.
2. Call the airlines ahead of time, and ask for a health meal. There are choices, and you have the right to have something to eat (if meals are being served on that flight) that is healthy.
3. Take along healthy snacks. You are in control of your destiny, and that includes your health.
4. Get up and move once the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign is not longer lit. This encourages blood flow.
5. Choose to drink plenty of water during the flight. This will keep your body hydrated, and will help with any jet-lag symptoms that may be encountered.
6. While traveling, take advantage of the hotel’s health spa/gym. A moving body is a healthy body.

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