You are where?????

Bags fly free….

On the second leg of our trip north, we did make that stand-by flight.  We were the second to the last couple on board.  We had carry on luggage, and you would think that meant that we could ‘c-a-r-r-y   o-n’   our bags.  We were told to check the bags when we hit the doorway to the aircraft.  I suppose I had an incredulous look on my face, and I asked the flight attendant if she was serious… She said that the overhead bins were full.  I asked how that could be, when there was at least one spot for every passenger.  She said that they don’t expect every passenger to bring a carry on…. Seriously?

We were ushered into the plane and the flight attendants did find two slots for carry ons.  One was under the last seat in the plane, and one was under the last seat in first class.  One of us had to be separated from our luggage.   I kept hearing the Official Warning “do not leave your luggage unattended.”   Oh well…

We did make it to the Detroit airport before our meeting started.  We had been instructed to make contact with our driver once we landed.  We tried to do this, but the phone calls went to voice mail.  Funnily enough, (remember we had ‘carry on’ luggage) we had been instructed to meet our driver outside baggage claim.   Part of the reason we ‘carried on’ was to avoid baggage claim.

However, being the good sheeple that were, (sheep + people= sheeple) we went to Baggage claim.  We had to wait several minutes.  In contact with our driver, we tried to meet on common ground.

Driver: Where are you?

Me:  Outside Baggage claim

Driver: What is the number on your door?

Me:  We have no number on the door.  I am standing under a sign that says Delta Pickup 4

Driver:  Ok, I am going there.

Me:  Ok

Driver:  I am outside #4  What are you wearing?

Me:  Black suite

Driver:  I don’t see  you

Me:  I am standing under #4 sign.

Driver:  Do you see me?

Me:  No, no cars here

In the meantime, I am getting pretty frustrated.  How hard can it be to find sign which says #4?    I asked the driver if she perhaps was on the upper level?  (One floor up was the sign directing passengers to ‘private vehicles.’

The phone rings again:

Driver:  Where are you?

Me:  voice showing some tension here:  Outside baggage claim,  Under the sign that says DELTA #4.

Driver:  Oh, Delta????  I’m at the wrong terminal… be there in a sec….

Me:  Breathing a sigh of relief….

As you can see, we had a day full of travel upsets.  We did arrive at our conference in time for the registration and a quick dinner before the opening ceremonies.

We resolved not to fly Delta anytime soon.
Until next time…..

  • Linda Kellum says:

    Lol, My 13 yr old grandaughter traveled on Delta to Virginia recently. Never traveled alone except to Arkasas once which was short, non stop and a no brainer. We were told not to worry, the flight attendants and other airport personel would help….wrong!…..the girl not only had to change planes, they switched terminals on her at the last minute and she had to catch a train to go there!!!! Non of this was known to us untill she was ready to board the connecting flight to Virginia from Atlanta! She absolutely figured this out on her own with a lump of fear in her throat. I would have probably been standing in a corner sucking my thumb and waiting for a security guard to lead me to me destination! A braveheart she is,…..and she did it afraid… Joyce Myers tells us to do sometimes.
    Which is what I did when I started Barefootin,…..I did it afraid! See ya tomorrow.