Vaccines and Autism

In a report published by the National Academy of Sciences, we are told that there is no definitive link between vaccines and autism.

Try telling that to the number of parents who know that their children were healthy and normal before they were vaccinated.  Tell that to the parents who come into my clinic, asking if there isn’t something that can be done to reverse the damage that has occurred since the child was vaccinated.

The report says that there are some patients who do have adverse reactions to vaccines.  These are the patients who have compromised immune systems.  “The committee concluded that there was convincing evidence that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine can lead to seizures triggered by fevers in some people.  The panel said that complication was almost always short-lived, and did not lead to serious complications.  The vaccine can also cause a rare form of brain inflammation in some people with severe immune system problems, the committee said.’

Here is the crux of the problem.  The infant’s immune system is not fully developed until the infant is six months of age.  This is a well documented fact.  However, before my grandchild was allowed to come home, the doctors wanted him to have a vaccination.  Where is the sanity of injecting virus particles into a human being with an immature immune system?  Further, the pediatrician wanted to start the other vaccinations at two months of age.  Fortunately, my daughter and her husband had read the research, and decided to wait until the baby had a competent immune system before they subjected him to harmful injections.  My daughter lives in a rural community and did not receive any pressure from her pediatrician to follow the status quo.  Not all families are that fortunate.

Barbara Loe Fisher  of the National Vaccine Information Center stated in an email:  “The committee’s clear acknowledgement that there is a lack of adequate scientific understanding about the way that vaccines act in the human body, including how, when, why, and for whom they are harmful, is confirmation that more and higher quality vaccine safety science is urgently needed.”

Let us all heed her advice.

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