Omega-3 and prostate cancer

A recent report came out linking Omega-3s and Prostate Cancer.  This is a report that should be of concern to all health care professionals, and the men who use Omega-3s for inflammation.

Omega-3s help keep your heart, joints, vision, memory, skin and sex life healthy.  There are many reasons to supplement with Omega-3s.

Dr. Oz in his column this morning says that the report is ‘epidemiological.’  This means that there is a link between Omega-3s and prostate cancer, NOT that Omega-3s CAUSE prostate cancer.  He says that serious professionals will do further study to see WHY there is a link.  Epidemiological studies say that more research is required.

So, don’t stop taking those Omega-3s just yet.  Let’s see what the link means.

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