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Below is a copy of a letter written by my friend Chris. Please copy and paste the link at the bottom of the letter into your browser. Please print this letter, sign it, and fax it to your members of Congress.

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HR 2908 is Alive

Dear Health Freedom Enthusiast:

HR 2908 The Testimonial Free Speech Act was introduced by Congressman Ron Paul
to insure that consumers can share their stories about the health benefits
of foods including dietary supplements without any federal agency (i.e. the
FDA and the FTC) from limiting the sharing of this information by industry.
Few people realize that the FDA actively mutinies the internet and tells companies
who post consumer testimonials to take testimonials that include a disease
reference down off the web or risk having produce declared an unapproved drug.
One of the reasons listed by the FDA for the raid on the Oregon supplement
company was because they company put consumer testimonials on the labels.

This bill is the first step towards the community taking back the power, of
reclaiming the spirit DSHEA, and protecting Free Speech. The new members of
Congress who are constitutionally focused should love this Bill. We need to
get them on board as sponsors.

As someone who sells supplements, this bill will provide some measure of protection
as well – you can share your own stories of health benefit, without censure
from the federal government.

Please sign and fax THIS LETTER to urge your Representative to co-sponsor HR

Yours In Good Health,

Chris Ritchason
NSP Senior National Manager
CEO – President
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