Vaccination scaremongering

More and more parents are opting to either forego all childhood immunizations, or at least space them out after the babies have developed their immune systems by age six months.  The local newspaper, and I would imagine the nation’s has stepped up the dire warnings of what would/could happen if the trend continues.  In a previous post, I listed several pieces of evidence (some listed in the Congressional Record) as to the efficacy of said immunizations.  In fact, when I was a young mom, I did not know this information.  I followed the conventional wisdom of going to the doctor with my infant and having the required immunizations.  After my son was given his first round of DPT, he had a very sever reaction.  I took him back to the doctor, and was told by my doctor, to NEVER have him immunized again…. EVER…..    I am very thankful that I lived in Scotland at that time, as I probably would not have heard that warning had I lived in the US.


Thankfully, many states allow parents to opt out of vaccinations.  Immunizations are not what keep our children healthy.  A healthy diet, regular exercise and a loving environment keep the immune system strong.  A strong immune system will fight off all germs.   As a naturopath, I am concerned about the health of our families.  I cannot tell you the heartbreak that parents feel as they come into my clinic with their children who have been damaged by childhood immunizations.  These parents wish they had known that it was possible to opt out.  If they could re-wind the clock, this is exactly what they would do.


So, I am very concerned at the scare tactics employed by the media, trying to intimidate parents by using dire predictions.  What about the dire prediction that their children could be damaged by the heavy metals contained in the sera of the vaccine?  In fact, the federal government has paid more than $2 million for 2,500 vaccine-related injuries through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program since its inception in 1988.” (The Houston Chronicle, 12/20/11)   Why is the government paying families if these vaccines are safe?


I found this line particularly telling:  “A lot of research shows that typically Caucasians, upper-middle class, highly educated are the demographic for vaccine-concerned.  They also tend to be more open to organic food and holistic lifestyle.”  I belong to this demographic.  I hope that these pieces foster education, and you too will get the real facts regarding the potential damage of these vaccines.  Is it worth risking our children or grandchildren?   Take a look at this link.  It is long, but very well documented.  As I mentioned earlier, some of these testimonies are in the Congressional Record.  These are not scaremongers  on the internet.


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