Not impressed, Senator Cornyn

Like many of you, I am proactive when it comes to protecting our freedoms.  My most recent foray was with regard to internet censorship, PROTECT IP Act of 2011.   I contacted the appropriate representatives, and sent in my letters.

Today I received a reply from Senator Cornyn.   It is addressed:  “Dear Mr. ND:”   Seriously?   I never sign my letters “Mr. ND.”   Just between you and me, I don’t think that he paid much attention to my signature.   Knowing how things go, I am sure an aide of his affixed the incorrect appellation to the letter in a move of clearing his in-box.

This begs the question:  How many other things does Senator Cornyn delegate to those who have short attention spans?   What other governmental business is attended to with little attention to detail?   Just my thoughts….

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