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As a health professional, I would never recommend anyone to use Botox. For one thing, you are injecting poison into your skin, and while some have had good results, many have had permanent nerve damage. I remember from fifth-grade health class, that one should not purchase canned goods that were dented because of risk of botulism. To inject that bacteria, on purpose never seemed to be to be a good idea. Even as I tick off another birthday, with the smile lines and crows feet get deeper every year, I was still not tempted to turn back the hands of time at the point of a Botox injection.

Just before Christmas, I was invited to a promotional gathering for a natural age-defying product. The presentation was nice, and the science intriguing. I decided that I needed to see if the claims were authentic. I purchased a bottle, and have been using it for about six weeks. I can tell you that the smile lines are all but gone now, and there are no footprints of any crows.

But that is not the best part. The best part is that this is an all natural product. It is a plant-based product, which is harvested in pristine conditions.The second great thing about this product is that besides the anti-aging benefits, clients have seen improvements with various skin conditions.

Of course, this product is not approved by the FDA for treatment of any skin condition, but the photo testimonials do not lie. Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, and scars all respond well to this product. See for yourself. Check out my skin care Facebook page:

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  1. I’ve seen those photo testimonials, and they are amazing. I’m definitely interested in this product!

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