Organic… worth the price? Absolutely!

I am always asked if it really makes a difference to spend the extra money for organic produce.  The answer is yes.   Look at these facts:

“A two-year-long study published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition found that the nutritional value of organic produce to be about twice that of the commercial crops that were reviewed.

  • Apples:  40% more calcium and magnesium, 60% more boron, 10% more chromium, and 30% more iron.   90% LESS mercury, and 34% LESS aluminum;
  • Pears:  50% more calcium, 220% more selenium, 60% more zinc, 30% more potassium, 50% more magnesium.   40% LESS aluminum;
  • Wheat  120% more calcium, 430% more magnesium, 360% more potassium, 80% more zinc, 1,300% more selenium.  20% LESS aluminum, 65% LESS lead, 40% LESS mercury.”   (Fitzgerald, Patricia. The Detox Solution.  Santa Monica, CA:  Illumination Press, 2001.)

I would say that is worth the extra pennies….

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