Morgellons Disease—all in the mind???

Wow, wow, wow. I have seen clients with this infestation, and it is certainly not a product of mental anguish. That is not to say that it does not cause mental anguish. The local edition of The Houston Chronicle (1/26/12) ran this story under ‘Research’ in the first section of the paper. I was just flabbergasted.

I first heard of this disease in the early 2000s, when I was taking my Iridology classes. The instructor who has been a Master Herbalist for over thirty years, was very emphatic that this disorder is very contagious, and only one remedy was effective in curing it. If, as the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated on Wednesday that ‘Morgellons is likely a mental illness and should probably be treated with the same drug and psychiatric care that works for people who suffer delusions,’ how can that be contagious? I know misery loves company, but seriously???

I have seen a case of Morgellons. The man came into my place of practice, and he wanted a specific type of parasite cleanse. I told him that for his specific malady, what he was looking for would not work, but that we did have something that would be effective. He was very polite, thanked me, but kept his focus on what he thought he knew to be the correct remedy. I looked at his hands and arms, and sure enough, I could see the little threads poking through his skin. As my good teacher taught me, as soon as he left the clinic, we sprayed everything he touched with Lysol, in hopes of containing the condition.

This continued for several months, his coming in and trying one parasite formula after another, not heeding my protocol concerning Morgellons. I should have bought stock in Lysol at the time, but that is another story.

Finally, after about nine months or so, he came to me, ready to try my protocol. His skin was raw with the scratching he had done, and his demeanor was very contrite as he apologized for not listening to me earlier about the correct protocol.

I can positively say that after he used our protocol, the threads released themselves from his skin, and his skin returned to the pre-infected state. How does this happen if this is a condition that is relegated to mental illness? I have not suffered this malady, but as a Naturopath, I see many people who come to see me after the allopathic doctors have told them that the condition they have is all in their heads; they are depressed; or they are just seeking attention. When your doctor says this, what he is really saying is that he does not have a drug to treat your symptoms; he has no clue what is going on in your body; and he doesn’t want to admit that there is a limit to his knowledge and prowess.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doctors. What I don’t love is precious people who are having real issues with their health, being told that they are depressed. Knowledge is power. There is more knowledge concerning health than just drug knowledge. There is a wealth of information that deals with herbs, minerals, enzymes, and homeopathy that we need to have accessible.   I extend warmest sympathies to the people who are suffering Morgellons.    With all you are suffering, being told you are delusional is unnecessary roughness.   The CDC needs to spend some time in the penalty box.

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  • P. L. says:

    Thank you for sharing HOPE with these precious people!!! Knowledge IS powerful and I agree the CDC needs timeout in the penalty box.

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