Pharmacy errs; bigger problem is the Flouride

CVS gives children Tamoxifen instead of fluoride tablets.  This is disturbing in itself, but there is a bigger problem.  Fluoride is a poison, and it is linked with the heavy-metals.  We should not be giving our children fluoride either in tablets, or in dental treatments.


I did not always have this understanding.  Like many of you, I was very appreciative of the dentist when he offered to treat my children’s teeth, so that they would not have cavities.  Having been tended to in my youth by a dentist who was very like the one portrayed in Marathon Man, I wanted to protect my children from like abuse.  It is only recently that I learned that Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, which affects the entire body.  There are also studies which lead to a connection between thyroid cancer and fluoride.


Fortunately, today we have remedies that will pull Fluorine out of the Pineal Gland and other soft tissue.


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