Avastin for macular degeneration???

  • The off-label use of the dangerous cancer drug Avastin for macular degeneration appears to be based on one study, which showed Avastin worked just as well as Lucentis—a licensed but more expensive eye drug. Meanwhile, numerous studies exist demonstrating the treatment potential of astaxanthin for this eye disorder. Astaxanthin may in fact be one of the most powerful nutrients ever discovered for eye health, and it costs pennies on the dollar compared to either drug.
  • The “health” strategy of focusing solely on toxic drugs for the treatment of symptoms exacts a high price, both in terms of dollars and cents and in actual health status. A new study found that newborns suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to their mothers’ use of prescription painkillers tripled between 2000 and 2009. Health-care costs to treat these drug addicted babies rose from $190 million to a whopping $720 million.
  • There are two effective marketing strategies employed by drug companies on a regular basis, and they include convincing you that drugs you used to take only when you needed them are now everyday “prevention” necessities in the form of a prescription; and convincing you that just being at risk for a chronic disease means you should be taking a drug for the disease. The success of these two strategies arises from the fact that YOU are the one who then demands it from your doctor. Furthermore, the treatment goal of most advertised drugs is to keep taking them for life.

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