When a Kroger sale is anything but…..

I dislike going to the grocery store, but when I go, I choose to go to a small Kroger store just up the road from my house.  It is not a large store, but it has what I normally need, and I know the layout of the products.


That is not to say that they don’t switch things up between my bi-monthly visits.  However, I can still usually negotiate the aisles, and don’t have too much wasted time.


What frustrates me is the ‘sales’   Yesterday, I went to the check out counter, and noticed that Kroger had my husband’s cinnamon Altoids.  I also noticed that the items were on ‘sale’.  The sale price was ‘buy one/get one free.’   The price of one was $2.35 or so (don’t have my receipt to hand, but I know it was over $2.00)  Normally the price of the mints is about $1.35, or even $.99 at the dollar store.  I bought a few anyway, as I love my husband, and he is worth the overage, but I resent the BOGO offer.


Kroger, just want you to know that I KNOW I paid for the second box of mints.  The sale price was more than DOUBLE the price of a single tin of Altoids regular size mints.  Just want you to know that I know……


Until next time,