Stitch-witchery at its finest

This weekend, my husband and I were working on the interior of our clinic.  We have for some time been wanting to do some updating, and this was the weekend set aside for that.  We wanted to hang and paint new interior doors, shampoo some carpets, and just generally do some spring cleaning.


All was going well until about two hours into the project.  At that time, my husband’s hand (yes, the one with the pocket knife) slipped, and he sliced a finger (over the knuckle) on his right hand.   Blood… lots of blood.  The slice was about 2.5 inches long, and looked to be pretty deep.  Did I say there was blood?


We hurriedly took some paper towel and a rubber band (had to make a very absorb-able pad) and made a pressure bandage to stop the flow.  We decided that the cut probably needed stitches, so hubby took off to find the nearest urgent care clinic.   I offered to go, to drive him, to just be there to hold his hand through the stitches, but was told to stay at the clinic and complete the tasks on our list.


About five minutes after he left our offices, he called to say that there was an urgent care clinic right across the street.  I was glad that he had found it easily, and was confident that he was in good hands.


Now, I did not tell you that my husband is retirement age, and he is eligible, and even enrolled in the medicare program.  I have used urgent care facilities for many years, and usually the fee to see the doctor is about $75.00.  We were quite surprised, (an hour later) to see hubby return, all stitched up and bandaged, but $600.00 poorer.


We own a holistic healthcare clinic, and as such, my sweet hubby knows the dangers and risks of drugs, vaccines, and radiation.  However, when there is an emergency (losing copious amounts of blood counts as one) we like the fact that there is crisis care around the corner.


For the rest of you seniors (and youngsters) out there, please be advised that the current walk in rate (to see an MD for a crisis) is $200.00.   No drugs, stitches, x-rays, or professional opinion is traded for that fee.  That is what must be paid before you can see the professional.  It gets better.  Hubby needed four (that’s right, f-o-u-r) stitches to close the wound on his finger.  The cost for that?  $500.00.  That works out to $125.00 per stitch.  Pretty pricy on anyone’s scale.  Lest you think I am unfair, I am told that the physicians assistant did dab a bit of local anesthetic on the wound before the stitches were taken.  As my wounded spouse was paying the tab at the front desk, the receptionist told him that the doctor had initiated a $150.00 discount.   Sweet!


Long ago, and far far away, when my children were young, I supplemented our household income as a seamstress.  As I contemplated the current rate (at least for an MD) of stitchery, the little calculator in my head crunched the numbers.   If only my previous efforts could have been labeled ‘urgent care.’


Until next time,



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