Arthritis pain

Today in The Houston Chronicle, I read an editorial about Arthritis.   Not a health report, but an editorial.   I suppose that the author is the Arthritis Foundation Texas, as that is the name of the authority at the bottom of the editorial.

In a nutshell, the editorial says that 1 in 5 adults will suffer arthritis pains.  The piece went on to explain what one can do to prevent the pain of the disease:  get moving; maintain a healthy weight; and take medication promptly, before more damage is done.

I did not read anything about preventing the disease.  Arthritis is ‘not a single disease, but a collection of them: over 100 different musculoskeletal disorders, some caused by wear and tear, others rooted in autoimmune glitches.’  Not one word about prevention.

The weight issues and the wear and tear are a cause and effect.  What has caused the weight issue?  Of course, we all know that processed foods and diets that are high in HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) are two of the main culprits.  Despite what the recent television commercials say, your body CAN tell the difference between corn sugar and cane sugar.  The molecules are different.  The brain recognizes cane sugar, as fuel.  The body does not recognize HFCS as fuel.  Consequently, the body still feels the need for sweet foods, and continues to consume high calorie, fattening foods.   Not only does this food consist of empty calories, but it also creates an acidic environment in the body.  It is this acidic environment that sets the stage for inflammation, which is another name for arthritis.

What I wish the editorial would have said, besides keep moving and maintain a healthy weight is to eat a sensible diet of fresh, whole, organic foods.  If this one step would be implemented in the kitchens of the world, one of the causes of inflammation would be eradicated, and maybe the incidence of arthritis would not be so prevalent.

Another cause of inflammation in the body is an over-consumption of soda, coffee and tea, and not enough pure water.  Water, and only water will hydrate the body so that the lymph fluid can permeate the cell membranes and take the toxic debris out of the body.   Soda, coffee, and tea are all diuretics, and as such, cause the body to lose water.  When the body becomes dehydrated, there is not enough movement in the lymph fluid to cleanse the body.

Let’s not be part of that statistical 1 in 5 who suffers from arthritis pain.  Take the steps now to avoid dehydration and a poor diet, as well as keep moving and maintaining a healthy weight.

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(The Houston Chronicle, Monday, 6/11/12)