Open letter to Hewlett Packard

Dear Administrative team.


Thank you so much for helping me replace my all in one printer every other year for the past ten or so years.    I know that the printers come with a warranty, but it is very convenient how this warranty expires just before the printer does.  Last year, when I purchased yet another all in one printer, I also purchased a two -year warranty.  I completed my purchase over the phone, and registered the printer via internet.  The printer did not work.  I called customer support and they walked me through the uninstall/install process (that I had already completed) another time.  It was ascertained that my printer was faulty.  Thank you for sending me a replacement printer.

A couple of weeks ago, the printer stopped working.  I made contact with technical support, and they informed me that HP no longer supports my all in one printer.  I explained that I had a two-year warranty.

Your employee gave me several things that he needs:  all of which were on the internet registration form.  All of which should be in your customer data base.  All of which is conveniently missing.   I now have the lovely duty of going through a stack of papers that need to be filed, to try to locate these documents.

I am perplexed.  Why do we register our products on line if you do not keep our information in your database?  Why do you sell two-year warranties for products you do not intend to support?  You seem to have no trouble filling my in-box on a monthly basis for product sales events.  You have a reward system that I also receive numerous notifications, so I know you know who I am, and what type of printer(s) I own.  It appears you are in the business of selling your products, not in the business of supporting the products through good customer service.

As I look for my hard copy of the information that was previously transmitted wirelessly, I am without a printer.   Depending on the outcome of this adventure, I may, in the future purchase a product from a different company who keeps a more up-to-date, complete  customer database.

Thank you for letting me express my frustration,

Until next time,

Dr. Polly


  • Denise Vessels says:

    grrrrrrrrrr   how aggravating!



    • yes. I found the serial number, and set that to them. They have no record of my purchase. How convenient, right? I have to go through all my cc statements, and find the purchase—to ‘prove’ that I bought the printer. I will probably NOT purchase another HP printer…..