I am privileged to be a part of our local Chamber of Commerce Leadership team.  As such, the group is able to get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes workings of the community.  This month, we were touring the businesses (mostly non-profit) which provide the social services support to the Lake Houston community.


As a long-term resident of the community, I was familiar with some of the business names.  I was not aware that they were mostly non-profits.  I was also not aware of the extent that these businesses work to provide help and resources for our community.


As a Christian, I understand the Biblical mandate to take care of the impoverished, the orphans and the widows.  Our family regularly donates funds and time to support worthy causes.


As I sat through the day, listening to about a dozen businesses explain their mission and how we could help them, I was struck with a new perspective.  Those of us who are fortunate enough to not need these services, still have additional opportunities, by working with them in their fundraising efforts, to provide funds and support for our community.    I had heard about volunteering, (which we do), but I had no idea that the various galas held throughout the fall/winter season were the major fundraisers for many of these organizations.


I challenge you this season, when you are approached with opportunities to purchase tickets for various galas, please dig deep and purchase.  Even if you do not want to go to these events, or if you have previous engagements, the price of the ticket will be well used to help the community.


Until next time,


Dr. Polly


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