New Year; New You— Workout supplements

Continuing with the theme of New Year, New You, high on almost everyone’s list is weight loss.  I hear people continually talk about their new year’s resolution to hit the gym and lose weight.  This is an excellent resolution.   What is less than excellent are most of the products that are marketed to gym users.

There are protein powders, before workout/after workout, hydration, and all other sorts of products which purport to benefit the body before/during/and after workouts.   The trouble with most of these products are that they just are not pure.  They have additives, GMOs, and other artificial flavors/colorings/ingredients that a principled naturopath would have trouble recommending.

Among the products from Genesis Pure, are the GPS (Genesis Pure Sports) Line of products.  These products are pure, organic, Non-GMO, and they work.  These products are not filled with chemicals.   Most of these products claim to aid in lean muscle mass optimization, oxygenating the system, and increasing metabolism.  This is why you take workout supplements: you want to maximize the effect of the effort you are putting forth in the gym.

Ingredients such as moomiyo, L-arginine, Vitamin C, other amino acids, a whole host of minerals and herbs support the body during all phases of the workout experience.  All these products can be viewed at my website:  As always, click on the ‘product’ tab, then click on ‘Genesis Pure.’

Until next time,

Dr. Polly