Iridology and Natural Healing Methods for Children

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*Iridology and Natural Healing Methods for Children*

In this remarkable webinar, Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen will review the
differences in the irises of children and adults.  Ellen will show how best
to read children’s eyes and review how much their eyes change from birth
until the ages of six to seven years old.

Case studies will be explored of children and detailed natural therapies
will be reviewed for various childhood disorders.  Clear color photographs
of the children’s irises will be shown as well as pictures of the children.
In addition, pictures of the various foods and herbs used for healing will
be discussed and explained in detail.

Emotional therapies including sand box play, and “draw a picture” therapies
will be explained for helping children with emotional imbalances.

*Registration Deadline: *Wednesday, July 17th at 12:00 Noon (EST)

Until next time,

Dr. Polly

  1. Dr. Polly ~ Here I go again, not being able to open the link. I’ve tried clicking on it and cut-and-paste. I want to join this discussion because my grandson is having eye issues that I think are more emotional than physical. This might give me some clues on how to help him. Suggestions, please. Thanks! Candy Turner P.S. ~ I have an Iridology appointment scheduled with you for Wednesday at 1:00.

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