Reduce your risk of diabetes

As you might remember from a previous post, pre-diabetes and diabetes are a major drain on health care dollars.  At Abundant Health and Wellness, we have launched a pre-diabetes reversal program.  Attached are some bio-metrics which show that this program works.   The first graph is the initial reading before the client started the protocol.  As you can see, he was at moderate risk for diabetes.   After he worked the protocol for five weeks, he had lost 19.2 pounds and 14.5 inches.   His second scan shows that he is at ZERO risk for diabetes.

A picture is worth a thousand words….

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A picture is worth a thousand words….

Mild Risk of diabetes

Mild Risk of diabetes

ZERO risk of diabetes

ZERO risk of diabetes

  1. Mrs. Polly I am really looking fro a coach on healthy eating and nutrition. I am obese and need some minor assistance. I am governing my eating but to fine tune it for weight loss. I am recovering from a serious viral infection, but i am on the proper weight loss road. I would really like your input. I am on a no salt low carb but I am still a little confused about how to fine tune it even better for at least a 2 pound weight loss per week. i used to want to see 5-7 pounds lost per week and i would make it happen. the roller coaster of weight loss is a toll taking on my mind , body, soul. I look forward to a way of lifestyle eating them a fast track of ups and downs. I am so over that and am looking forward to my new life of discipline and contentment with healthy and nutritional meals. Thank you, Sharletta

    • Sounds like you are on the right track. We have a good many resources on the web page for weight loss and recovery. Did you look at that? Also, if you are in the Houston area, I would be happy to meet you and advise you in person.

  2. I would like to know what kind or the name of the whey product to buy. Email

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