Healthcare: What's their motivation?

What’s their motivation?

I sat in disbelief yesterday as I watched some Sunday Docs revisit the omega 3 discussion on prostate cancer.  These same docs just three months ago said the study that linked omega 3 fatty acids to prostate cancer was nothing more than junk science reversed their position and now say that yes, Omega 3s are problematic.

These docs also touted statins as ‘wonder drugs,’ despite the mounting evidence that the side effects of statin are severely hampering quality of life.  Attached is a  rather long scientific paper which explains the side effects:

As I mopped up the coffee I has spilled as I heard these docs, I pondered the motivation of such statements.  As we all know, the health care system in the United States is not so much a health care system, as it is a disease care system.  Our medical system labels a series of symptoms, prescribes one or more drugs to suppress said symptoms.  The underlying causes of the symptoms is rarely addressed.

Lifestyle changes, weight loss, good supplementation have been proven throughout the world to enable a human body to regain health; yet here in the US, these efforts are dismissed in large measure.  Naturopaths across the country regularly see improvements in their client’s health when they start to eat live foods, lose the unwanted pounds, and drink the required amount of good clean water.

Nutrients needed for health include Omega 3, 6, and 9 in their proper ratios.  WebMD gives great advice:

As The Newsboys ask: ‘What’s [Their] Motivation?’

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