Is the Republican Convention rigged?

This is the question that some political candidates and pundits are asking.  I don’t know if it is rigged, but I would suggest that it is antiquated.   I heard on the news this morning that most of the rules have not been changed in 160 years.    Now I like stability as much as the next person, but let’s consider what this means…..


A century and a half ago, there was no internet, and there was very little personal transportation.  The automobile came on the scene in 1886, and that was only 130 years ago.  Without personal transportation, local primaries and selection of delegates were of paramount importance.  Most people had horses, and they could travel around their districts, but it would have been a hardship for most of them to get to a state capital.   It would have been incumbent upon the ‘Party” to have representatives who could go to the state conventions and declare the will of the people who voted in the local primaries.


There was certainly no internet, as Al Gore had not been born yet.  I know he takes credit for inventing the internet ( , and that is somewhat my point.


Because we have very fast modes of personal transportation, and even faster web presences, maybe the local primary and delegate selection is somewhat passé?  I for one, am exhausted by the current process that takes approximately eighteen months to two years.  Yes, in the past, we have needed that much time to hear from everyone in this huge nation.  However, I believe that we might be better served to have a shorter election season, say approximately six months.  In that time, each state could hold its election for its respective parties, and we could come to a convention and ultimately to an election without having experienced political fatigue.


Seriously, what will we hear in the next seven months that we have not already heard in the past year?  The silly season will be upon us, ( and who has time for that.  I daresay that most of the American population has made up its mind as to what candidate should represent it in November.


I understand that we have about twenty-two states and territories that have not cast their votes, and I am certainly not willing to shortcut their process.  However, I would suggest that we as a nation would be better serve to condense the election cycle and possibly omit the delegate selection due to the advanced nature of current communication options.


  1. Everyone has the ability via transportation to make his voice heard;
  2. Social media/cable news/network news brings the matters at hand to every consumer in lightning fast speed;
  3. Do we really need Super Delegates and Party bosses nominating people to speak for ‘we the people”? Surely, We the People have found our voice….


Until next time,


Dr. Polly