Don't let the news media be your source of education

In light of last week’s events, it is very sad that a white man went into a predominantly black church and killed nine people.   In the aftermath of the murders, we were bombarded with television pictures of what was happening in South Carolina.

People were asked their opinion on the ‘confederate flag.’   I put the ‘confederate flag’ in quotations, as the flag being portrayed is not the flag of the Confederacy.   I have inserted the various flags you will not be led astray by the ignorance of the news people.  When the talking heads asked people their opinions regarding the flags, two things became very apparent to the viewer:

  1. The white people interviewed said that the flag was racists and were offended;
  2. The black people said that the flag was not racist and they had no problem with the flag.

Flag of the Confederacy


The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia

The news people covered the Sunday service at the church where the attack took place.  If anyone paid attention, the church was filled to capacity with both white and black people showing solidarity.  Another example of people coming together without regard for race.

This morning, the talking heads were not reporting the news, they were, in fact, trying to make the news.  In particular, many of the politicos they were interviewing stated that the situation of the flying of the Virginia Battle flag at a Confederate Monument was offensive.  However, they said that this issue is a state’s rights issue, meaning that the state of South Carolina could do as its citizens’ saw fit.  Each of these politicians was criticized by the news people.  In fact, the news people demanded that the politicians changed their opinions to coincide with that of the news anchors.  I sat there in disbelief this morning, staring at the television.  At what point do we let our news personalities dictate to our politicians what their opinions should be?  I thought the news personalities ‘reported’ the news, not ‘made’ the news.

Educate yourselves, people……

Until next time,

Dr. Polly