Unconventional man; unconventional methods

This morning I awoke with a startling vision in my head.  I am sharing this as a personal insight, not as a theological revelation.

Remember in the Old Testament story of Samson, when Samson put his hands on the philistine temple columns, and asked God to ‘one more time’ let him have vengeance on his enemies?  We know that the philistines were an enemy people but we also know that the gods of the philistines were the inspiration to the temple. ..

Samson not only did this as his final act, but he also was very unconventional.  He is known as a Judge of Israel, and he is known for doing the unconventional.   You can look it up in the book of Judges chapter 15, but in a nutshell, he took some foxes and tied their tails together (two by two) and  put a ‘firebrand’  between their tails, set the firebrands alight and set them free in a field.  The foxes were frightened, and ran through the crop, burning down the business.   Now, today, the PETA people would be up in arms.  I am NOT suggesting that Samson did a humane thing.  I am suggesting that he accomplished results.

Another time, he took the jaw bone of an ass and used it as an offensive weapon.    The Philistines were come out against the Jewish people, and the people were moaning to Samson to do something.  He took what was to hand, a jawbone, and he slew 1000 of the enemy camp.    Very unconventional, yet very powerful.  jawbone2

In a similar way today the architecture of Washington DC is symbolic of our political culture.   In my waking moments, I saw Mr. D. J. Trump in a Samsonesque  pose, with his hands on the columns of the political establishment, encompassing both sides of the aisle.

Could it be that Mr. Trump, (regardless of his negatives) is ‘for such a time as this?    Let’s look at two Biblical historical patterns:

  1. Samson was a womanizer (as some claim Trump is), yet, God used him to destroy corruption. I think it might be interesting to note that both Samson and Trump have had ‘hair issues’;
  2. Esther was an outsider, yet she delivered her people from annihilation. She was thrust into a political system that she was not a part of.  She was of the wrong race, the wrong gender to have any merit in that atmosphere, but God…

None of us really know any of these candidates.  All we know is what the media shows us.  It is very immature and small minded  for any of us to put ourselves in any ‘’never” camp.   That being said, I do think that we can all agree that our political “good ole boy” network needs a shakeup.  If anything, the past four years (and maybe beyond) have shown us that the people in Washington on both sides of the aisle cannot work together and cannot get things accomplished.

God is amazing.  This is not the first time that He has used the ‘jawbone of an ass’ to accomplish His purposes.  Maybe (with apologies to Mr Trump) He is getting ready to do so again.


Until next time,


Dr. Polly