Dillo Dirt–What is it, actually?


While I was at The Truth About Cancer Symposium last weekend, I heard a presentation about ‘bio-sludge.’   I had never heard this term, and perhaps you haven’t either.

In our state, Texas, we can go to the local home goods store and buy a product that is touted as organic compost and soil conditioner.   Now, organic is good, and conditioning is good.  However, what exactly is in it?   This product is reclaimed human bio-sludge.  This means that this product is made from human wastes, collected at the sewer treatment plants in Austin (and other cities and states).


Dillo Dirt contains toxic chemicals.  Per CWC Labs, here are some disturbing statistics in ‘parts per billion’:

Lead 30,000 ppb
Mercury 256 ppb
Arsenic 2236 ppb
Copper 585,000 ppb


Now, besides the ick-factor of putting human waste products on the ground that I am trying to grow fresh vegetables, in addition to the heavy metals above, there are also over 300 chemicals and veterinary  drugs.  Remember, people put out-dated prescriptions down the toilet.  These become part of the bio-sludge.

Now if that is not enough, the EPA is distributing this ‘organic soil conditioner’ free of charge to our poor inner-cities’ parks, playgrounds, and schools.   Please see the link below as to some of the health hazards that can occur if we are contaminated with this ‘soil conditioner.’


Until next time,

Dr. Polly